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Inventory Management


Batch and Serial Numbers

Use the batch and serial number control in stock transactions, work in progress and inventory figures.

External Tracking

Track location and history of serial and batch numbers at client or supplier sites. Maintain serial number structure of stock external to Forward ERP.

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Bin Locations

Use predefined or dynamic bin locations. Enforce item bin location definitions if required. Linked items to warehouses. Optionally manage bin capacities or bin capacity per item.

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Stock Transactions

Use stock transactions such as Stock Transfer, Stock Issue, Issue to Order etc. to manage inventory. Use integrated barcode scanning and/or radio frequency scanning device system to capture stock transactions in real time. Use stock precedence policies such as FIFO, LIFO or bin alphabetical.

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Stock Count

Use the stock count system for period, perpetual or cycle counts. Retain full history of stock count detail indefinitely. Use mobile scanning devices for real time counting. Optionally use a second count, and always have ability to amend counted quantities until count is approved.

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Customer or Supplier Owned Stock

Manage stock owned by customers and suppliers, and use such stock in other stock transactions.

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