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Manufacturing & Engineering


Manufacturing Orders

Create and maintain manufacturing orders. May contain multiple lines. Manufacturing order lines is for work centre or specified routing consisting of potentially many operations in different work centres. Manage material requirements per manufacturing order line. Costing per manufacturing order line.

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Work in Progress

Manage work in progress on item/order line detail level as well as on ledger level.

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Manufacturing Operations

Use manufacturing operations as per specified routing, and can be customised per manufacturing order line. Maintain planned time and cost, and collate actual time and cost either by batch capture or by real time capture from shop floor. Has ability to calculate operation times and cost per serial number.

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Planned vs Actual Cost

Manufacture at planned cost, and optionally revalue manufactured cost upon closing of manufacture order.

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Batch & Serial Number Tracking

Track batch and serial numbers of issued material and generate serial numbers for manufactured items.

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Stock Allocation & Order Cross Reference

Reserve existing stock for a specific order line by allocation.  Cross reference supply and demand order lines with an option to auto allocate when the stock is available.

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