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Realise Your Vision Using Technology


Manage your projects by comparing budget to actual cost and income with an accurate Profit and Loss (P&L) statement in real time.

Projects functionality in Forward ERP give you the ability to view income and expenses from different viewpoints. Not only can you summarise and drill from through programme, project, milestone and task levels, you can do the same across all levels from different points of view, such as customer, activity or expense type, resource and many more.

Project Work Breakdown Structure

Define project, including milestones (can also be payment milestone) and other tasks. Define teams and roles for project.

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Book time against billable and non-billable projects, or fixed price contracts. Approval and analysis of timesheets. Recover labour and overhead cost using individual or expense class rates.

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Maintain turnover and cost (material and labour) budgets for projects, either consolidated or per financial period. Compare budgets to actuals. Rolling up of budgets and actual.

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Repetitive Billing

Use project management to control repetitive billing using different billing frequencies and escalation policies.

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Time and Material Billing

Convert timesheets and other expenses automatically to accounts receivable invoices using a user defined billing rate matrix.

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Fixed Price Contracts and Projects

Manage fixed price contracts and project.

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