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Realise Your Vision Using Technology

Forward ERP Implementation

Our time proven and exceptional methodology delivers a successful, rapid, on time and fixed cost Forward ERP implementation.  The same methodology can even be applied to selecting an suitable ERP solution. 

The most significant milestones and associated activities are:

  • Business process analysed and documented

    •  we analyse your busniess processes and deliver a To-Be business model using our easy to understand approach and notation.  This phase is key to understand your business as an integrated system, highlight improvement opportunity and finalise several key requirements including data collection and migration, reporting, user access and training needs.  
  • System configuration and testing completed

    • we install and configure the software based on the requirements from To-Be model and test the solution.  Once data is prepared and migrated, the business processes are simulated and tested using your own data.  Hands-on workshops also prepare key users for the next phase;
  • Training, Go Live! and on-site support

    • this crucial phase prepares everybody for using Forward ERP.  Training workshops are scheduled to introduce end-users to the system and processes, the last data is populated and then we Go Live!  The first few days after going live is crucial and we support on-site support with additional hands-on training to ensure users are comfortable their tasks as described in the To-Be model.
  • Handover

    • for us, this is the highlight of the project.  It means we we have delivered a working solution that will start adding value to your business without us hanging around.  Unlike many of our competitors, we don't want to make money from full time, on-site consultants.  While we're always available to support, we'd rather continue with the next project.